A&AHello friends,De nixweters

Believe it or not, we actually cycled through Asia! And, against all odds, we actually made a blog. As expected, we failed to update it regularly, but to our greatest surprise we have now finished it! Have fun reading!


We are Anouk and Arianne, friends, housemates and tentmates. We know nothing. This is the basic principle. We are incapable of planning ahead. We just go, and see what happens. We heavily rely on luck and good karma to save us. If luck and good karma let us down, we sit under a tree and eat, followed by a long nap. Usually our problems have been solved by the time we wake up.

Our trip

Cycling from Iran to Thailand! We landed in Tehran, and from there attempted to find the flattest and cheapest route to Bangkok. In 6 months we cycled through Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and finally Thailand.